'Game Changer'


game changer fiction cosmetics angela norton tyler

Reclaim her company. Date the sexy executive. Change the entire cosmetics industry.

Faith’s not asking for much- is she?

Faith started Fiction Cosmetics to bring together two passions: makeup and books. Boyfriend-turned-husband Stray volunteered to help get the business off the ground but instead “lost” her manuscript, pushed her out of the company and drove her out of town.

Years later, Stray needs a break and begs Faith to return to Fiction Cosmetics. Wobbly and unsure, Faith knocks everyone’s socks off with a viral speech that revitalizes her company and restores her confidence. After all these years, maybe she can join fiction and cosmetics and be a successful Boss Babe! But, strange things begin to happen, and Faith doesn’t know whom to trust.

She’s even accused of embezzling from her own company! Will Faith launch the new collection, find true love and make Stray pay, or will she end up unloved, in prison and without any makeup at all?

Smart. Beautiful. The Story Is You.

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