Are Your Lips Ready For The 21st Century?

Are Your Lips Ready For The 21st Century?

Remember when all your lips needed was some Vaseline? Neither do I, lol.

It’s hard out here in these streets. Times- and taking care of your lips- have changed.

Modern lips need modern solutions! 



Did you know that your lips have no sweat or oil glands? This interesting fact means that your lips do not have the usual protection layer of sweat and oils to keep them smooth and moisturized. 

The skin on your lips is super-thin, delicate and needs extra care and attention- by YOU!  

There are a few things you can do, in any century:

  • Regularly apply a hydrating balm to keep lips smooth and protected.
  • Before applying lip color, use a moisturizing primer to keep color fresh and lips smooth.
  • Apply a balm before bed to wake up with soft, plump lips.



We’re all spending A LOT of time on Zoom these days! Fortunately, looking good on screen does not require a lot of effort. 

The best way to avoid having a flat, two-dimensional “screen” face is to define your eyes, cheeks and lips. 

There are two ways to define your lips: color and line. 

  1. Put some color on your lips. Choose either a bright or a more natural/ nude lip color. It really depends on your mood!
  2. Use a lip liner that closely matches whatever lip color you do choose. 

Once your lips look good, don’t forget about them! Keep a mirror next to your computer to periodically reapply lip color after talking, eating and drinking.

You don’t want lipstick on- and food in- your teeth!




Face masks have become an integral part of our wardrobes for the foreseeable future. Masks help keep us safe, but they also fog up our glasses and rub off our lip color!

There are three things we can wear under our masks:

  1. Nothing- that’s not a fun option, is it?  
  1. A balm to keep lips protected from constant rubbing of material.
  1. A non-transferable lipstick that will still be there when the mask comes off!



Who even knows what’s in the toxic 21st Century air besides smog, pollution, UV rays and free radicals? 

There’s also extreme weather and lack of moisture.

Bottom line: our lips need protection from the environment.

  1. Cleanse lips at the end of the day by removing dirt, dead skin cells and old products by lightly exfoliating with a wash cloth. 
  1. Use lip products that contain clean, top-notch ingredients like Fiction Lip Balm to Calm with CBD Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Rice Bran Extract. 


Soft, pretty lips are always in style!