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[PRE ORDER] Game Changer Lip Duo (Desi’s Bundle)


CBD, Lip Glove, Lipstick

“What else could I call this ‘nude’ lip duo? It’s everything! BOTH the lipstick and the lip glove are... View More

Digit Lip Duo


Lip Liner, Lipstick

“I named this lip duo after Digit, the perfect friend and companion. This liquid lipstick is a gorgeous deep... View More

Shangri-La Lip Duo


Lip Liner, Lipstick

“This bright berry lip duo is a nod to The Shangi-La, my posh California beach oasis, my SoCal home-away-from-home!... View More

Fiction Lip Balm to Calm 100mg CBD


CBD, Lip Balm

“The Hunters created Fiction Lip Balm to Calm 100mg CBD for me, and now I can’t live without it!... View More


“I love Fiction Lip Balm to Calm because my lips felt hydrated all day!”

Dominique G.

“This formula is soothing and moisturizing for my lips, the delicate skin under my eyes, cuticles and where ever my skin craving a bit of attention.”

Wendi E.

“I love the lip balm. It's moisturizing and it has a nice scent.”

John T. (age 20)