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Masks Are Coming Off! Get Your Lips 'Ready' With CBD

Masks Are Coming Off! Get Your Lips 'Ready' With CBD


For more than a year, wearing masks in public has been required. 

We dutifully bought (or sewed), wore and kept track of this new addition to our every day wardrobe.

We struggled with maskne and foggy glasses. 

We shoved our favorite lipsticks and lip glosses to the side while some of us started cosmetics companies selling lip products LOL.

It’s been an inconvenience- albeit a necessary one- but it’s paid off! 

The Good News Is That Masks Are Coming Off & Lipstick Is Back! 

In some areas, masks are already optional. Whether or not you still choose to wear a mask in public, you will undoubtedly be able to forego in other situations.  

It’s time to get your neglected and delicate lips ready for mask-free life with CBD oil! 

This powerhouse product is:

* nourishing & smoothing

* moisturizing

* rich in anti-oxidants & omegas

It helps create smooth, soft skin- which is exactly what we want for out lips! 

In celebration of our new mask-less lives, Fiction Cosmetics is having a super CBD SALE! 

Use code CBD40 for 40% off ALL Fiction Cosmetic’s CBD products. 

Masks off: definitely something to smile about!