Fiction Cosmetics Angela Norton Tyler FAQs


1. Is Game Changer autobiographical?

No…. but there are some striking similarities between Angela Norton Tyler and Faith Strahan. They’re both:

  • Owners of a company called Fiction Cosmetics
  • Fiction writers
  • Makeup lovers
  • Moms of two older kids
  • Missing their dogs

2. Is Game Changer part of a series?

Yes! Game Changer is the first book of the Game Changer series. Book #2 will be available late summer/early fall 2022.

3. How do I get the Game Changer book?

Game Changer is available as both an ebook and a paperback on

4. How do I get the Game Changer bundle (paperback book + lip duo)

The Game Changer bundle is available on this website, The bundle includes the Game Changer book plus a lipstick/liner duo (either Shangri-La or Digit).

5. What’s the difference between the Shangri-La and Digit lipstick/liner duo?

Both duos are matte, long-lasting, comfortable- and include a matching liner!

Shangri-La is a gorgeous cool berry.

Digit is a the "perfect" red- not too warm, not too cool!

6. Is wearing makeup cheating?

No! Wearing makeup is absolutely not cheating! Here’s what Faith, our heroine, says about women and makeup in Game Changer:

“The problem is the underlying message: women are being deceitful by using makeup, that the story they’re telling is a false one. People treat the very act of wearing makeup as sneaky, which it is not.”

Faith began pacing.

“Applying makeup is self-expression. With our tools and our paints, our face becomes our canvas. It’s art, but it’s also about having fun, pampering yourself, being whomever you feel like being that day. That’s the problem, though, isn’t it? We want women to be beautiful and alluring and pleasing, but we don’t want them to enjoy it for themselves, and we don’t want them to gain power from it. Self-empowerment and self-care are somehow wrong when women do it.”

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